Safeguard your information
Single source of truth


Safeguard secret, sensitive or personal information

contained within your documents, before you share…

Available for Microsoft Word documents

Need2Know (N2K)

Remove the need for expensive duplication of secure encrypted files, N2K applies security classification at the level of paragraphs, pictures or even individual words to ONE original single file source.

For Medical

Strengthen your patient confidentiality with Need2Know.
One secure encrypted Word file – No file duplication.

For National Security

Solutions built on Exsel Electronics advanced Need2Know
platform enable safeguarding of secret, sensitive
information contained within your documents.

For Military

Need2Know enables a software solution to
multi-classification security across domains.

For Commercial

Need2Know enables individuals and organisations
to share sensitive data without sacrificing
security, control, or privacy.

Multi Level File Protection

  • Need2Know operates with a single source of truth
  • Data handlers can mark multiple sections of information within an original document with differing levels of audience / redaction mark-up.
  • A publication is then generated for each audience.
  • Security is enhanced because if a document is not being read or edited, then it doesn’t exist. Documents are brought together when needed and broken into encrypted pieces when stored on a secure server by our Need2Know server application.

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